Design Director

Superdigital™ is a digital agency with a penchant for all things creative. We work with brands, athletes and other fun and famous types. We’re known for our work but we’re loved for our speed. It’s in the name. Kind of.

Superdigital™ is looking for a Design Director to lead creative and design for our influencer and celebrity clients, and the eCommerce efforts we build around them. In a nutshell: make social, merch and webstuff hella good and quick.

Design Director

Design is at the center of much of the work we put out into the world. Graphic design, illustration, brand design, type, layout – we touch it all. Historically, we’ve used internal teams to output this work and then run freelancers for some specific needs beyond our skill sets.

It’s not been the best process. We need someone dedicated to the effort.

We need a Design Director. At the core, the Design Director will have three main functions:

  1. Identification of the creative and what it calls for
  2. Design it internally (you or internal team)
  3. Source and brief freelancers (and manage the process)

This is a hyper creative role though you’ll be responsible to identify and work with other creatives to execute. Usually, this falls to the creative manager, but in our system, teams need to be small and fast. So beyond your skills, you’ll need a rolodex or at least know how to cold DM that illustrator you’ve been following.

Don’t worry about the nuts and bolts, but finding the talent, briefing them and managing them?

That’s you.

More about you

You know what’s up in creative, pop culture, design and apparel. You follow more designers than friends on Instagram. You believe tee shirts are an art form. You know the exact design style needed for every idea. You crank out killer briefs that get work moving. You know how to make any idea social-first. You get celebrities, but you get their fans even more. You get your hands dirty and you always figure it out. You’re comfortable pushing multiple projects at once. You’re ready to be a leader and own the highest creative standard. You’re either a sports nut or love the world of sports design (or lack thereof).

Oh, the things you’ll do!

Most of the work you’ll touch (and love) lives in the following three categories:

  • (mini) Brand Design. Lots of our athletes and partners don’t have brands, they have “minibrands”. That usually means we need a quick logomark, type + layout and a landing page. Sometimes (rarely), this extends to big brand stuff but until then, it’s the fun part you used to do when you had spare time making stuff (remember that?).
  • Apparel Design. Merch design is an artform - prove us wrong. We make lots of apparel for lots of folks. This is the most fun, most creative and best workfeeling™ ever. Putting that one tee that’s a banger? Nothing like it. The thing is, it can’t always look and feel the same. Thus the need for a strong bench of creative folks on your phone, IG, designers luncheon, whatever. Gotta know how to work with folks on the quick and get said bangers out the door.
  • Social Campaigns. Our Creative Director is lazy and busy. We do lots of his job for him while he complains about being stressed out. It’s awesome. One of those jobs is getting the “big idea” on social out the door quick. The internet isn’t waiting on us, we’re waiting on it. The Creative Director’s job Your job is to ID and realize the idea for internet use. So like, when Drake puts out “Certified Lover Boy” it’s your job to build Guy Fieri’s “Certified Lunch Boy” campaign (that but better).

We’re a remote-first company with our teams spread out across Boston, NY and LA (but we’re open to wherever you want to live and work from – It’s 2021).

Please send your portfolio, samples, and resume to