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Adweek Puts the Spotlight on Superdigital’s Social Work for Microsoft

Superdigital’s social media strategy has helped Windows achieve a relative rarity for brands: a legitimately popular TikTok account. Windows surpassed 1 million TikTok followers only nine months after Superdigial launched the account in 2022. Our videos have received millions of total likes, with some achieving more than 10 million views. Not bad for a platform where viewers tend to be allergic to traditional advertising.

Some of the secret sauce? Driving genuine brand love.

Read the full feature in Adweek or check out our case study here.

“Knowing When to be Loud and When to Get Out of the Way” with Superdigital’s Founder, Assaf Swissa

What does it mean to be a creative director? What does it take to lead a creative agency? How do you hire the best team possible? And what advice would you give to those currently coming up in the creative industry?

As part of Air’s 100 Creative Directors interview series, check out Superdigital founder Assaf Swissa’s answers to these questions and more.

Fueling Brand Creativity With TikTok Effects

TikTok effects can inspire creativity, power storytelling, and bring joy to global communities. So with the announcement of the platform’s new Branded Effects—custom effects sponsored by brands—we see tremendous potential to empower innovative storytelling and expand creative possibilities for brands online.

Learn how TikTok’s Effect House is reshaping the way brands connect with consumers, including our work for Microsoft 365, where we partnered with creators Eddy Adams (@eddyin3d) and Jan Trejo (@janmahavan), kicking off a global conversation around the nostalgia of Word Art and generating over 126k videos viewed by millions around the world.

Superdigital and Ad Age on the Next Frontier of Social Search Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead of the game is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Recently, Superdigital was featured in an article on Ad Age, shedding light on the pivotal role of search functionality, especially how TikTok and Instagram are enhancing user experiences and offering new opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences. 

As advertisers are getting more sophisticated in accounting for potential searches by adjusting every part of their videos, and the captions on videos, “we’re taking phrases and keyword topics and putting them into the way we create content and the way we tell stories,” says Whitney Wolf, our Director of Strategy.

Read more about how brands can leverage these features to enhance their visibility and engagement in Ad Age.

Biz Hennigan on Taking the Marketing Paths Less Traveled

“Everyone hits the ‘Skip Ad’ button. There’s no magic marketing model to follow anymore — nothing is linear and consumer behavior is constantly changing. Brands need to find innovative ways to authentically connect with their audience.”

With more than 15 years of experience leading relationships for clients such as Microsoft, Diageo, Keurig, HP Hood, and Hasbro, Biz Hennigan, Partner and General Manager of Superdigital leads Superdigital’s strategic brand partnerships across consumer and tech verticals. Check out her interview with Kage Spatz or Authority Magazine where she discusses trend spotting, women in advertising, and creativity.